Drag Me drop Me treat Me like an object shirt

Thanks to its highly-photographic visuals—in November, the space hosted a pumpkin arch that served as the Drag Me drop Me treat Me like an object shirt  posing place for many an influencer—it’s already cropping up all over New Yorkers’ Instagram stories. Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? You decide, perhaps by stopping by yourself: reservations open every Monday at 10 a.m. for the following week. Here’s the thing about Short Stories—it’s always fun. Even during a pandemic. They’ve got music blasting, good-looking and -tasting cocktails (order their spicy blue margarita), and a great sense of humor: spot the Fyre Festival merch displayed on their walls. So when it came to winterizing their outdoor set-up, playful was the only way to go. Short Stories has built a delightful row of rosy curbside cabins, complete with little windows so you can watch the taxis whiz by on the Bowery. Tables are adorned with bottles of babies breath, and surrounding it all is a pink picket fence. Go there for brunch, where you can order chef Jeanne Jordan’s chocolate chip pancakes, a potato Biscuit Sandwich with spicy chorizo, and a maple Old Fashioned.

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I want to see him eat the Trump make Christmas great again ugly Christmas sweater moreover I will buy this cooked bag beans and see his gassy reaction. And we know no one will prosecute him when he’s out of office in November. They hide behind the notion of not being able to indict a sitting president, which is absurd.

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