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Be a good friend and do Sunflower you curse too much bitch you breathe too much shut the fuck up shirt moving. It doesn’t mean you are a good friend because you are available for every crisis and you’re not a bad friend just because you are not; it’s not always about you, boo. Stop believing that everyone loves the same way you do or have to. Stop pretending you didn’t see the shady moves before. Most importantly-stop seeking validation from others. Too many of us can’t stand to be alone with their own company-that reveals itself in many ways. You can’t give what you don’t have. And you should not assume what you’re giving is what that person needs. In other words-just, because you think you are this wonderful friend doesn’t mean you are. Hurting that best friend she or he ever had In their life for decades. You can only assume. y times and it’s lonely. How can one make friends at my age?

Sunflower Dress – You May Say I’m A Dreamer Shirt

Marvel Avengers Infinity War Movie Adult And Kid shirt

Leadership Aome Diva Soror Shirt

I’m not short I’m a hobbit T-Shirt

I’d Rather Be Playing Football golf funny T-Shirt

Harry Potter Harry soccer T-Shirt

Heart – I Love Nursing Shirt

There are a lot of people in the world to mess with I’m the one shirt

Sloth I’m mostly peace love and animals and a little go fuck yourself


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