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Blake is younger and has far more untapped Starbucks Nurse Shirt potential than Melo does. Melo has been about the same this year, if not slightly less efficient. I don’t expect him to become a much different player than he already is. He is an offensive powerhouse, but for him to really take a big leap, he would have to improve his playmaking and/or defense. Melo seems really set in his ways on what type of player he wants to be, so I think he is nearing his ceiling. Blake on the other hand still has a lot of clay left to mold and is showing glimpses of being an elite player.

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Starbucks Nurse Shirt

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What we need to understand about the  Starbucks Nurse Shirt scene in question in Top Gun, Goose and Maverick were in a flat spin (aircraft spinning on a vertical axis like a top instead of a longitudinal axis as an arrow would spin). This would allow the canopy to be projected into the path of forward movement and when the pilot is ejected, the pilot could be flying smack-dab into the canopy as it is being bypassed by the aircraft.


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