In January, he described himself as “not smart, but genius. And a genius very stable there,” after releasing a bombshell book called mental health suspicion. his god. In a series of tweets at the time, Trump said, “Throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and been, like, really clever.” Crooked Hillary Clinton also played These cards are very hard and, as everyone knows, have fallen into the fire. “I went from VERY successful entrepreneur, to head TV star to US president. I think that would qualify. It’s not smart, but genius. And a genius is very stable there! “No, that’s what other people do, “Trump said. I am very consistent. ” “I am a very stable genius,”.

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The president added the Very stable genius shirt. Trump at the press conference also said NATO allies. Agreed to “significantly increase” spending drastically following his frequent criticism. Adding that he would raise the issue when he met Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. However, foreign leaders have denied that NATO members. Will increase their spending far beyond the targets set earlier. Trump in January defended his mental fitness for the office. Calling himself a “very stable genius” and “like, really smart.”. “In fact, throughout my life. My two greatest assets have settled in spirit. Become truly intelligent,”. Trump tweeted after releasing a book that depicted a chaotic and turbulent picture. The function of the campaign and his early months at the Oval Office.

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