You can fight that by distancing yourself from it or you can reject it. And espouse pride in your connection to it. Not to start anything. But you seem to favor distance, and that’s fair enough. But from certain aesthetic and performance choices by the likes of Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar. They have chosen the pride path. Either is fine But then the question, when you’re going on a World tour. Is why avoid the continent you’re taking pride in your lyrics? As an African, it’s kinda insulting. In the white guy with dreads telling you Braveheart had dreads so it’s actually his culture kinda way. To see you both dismissing the African influence highlighted on this page on American artists. Because let’s be clear, that’s all the author was talking about.

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Very obvious, unambiguous Unapologetically black shirt. Visible and audible nods to Africa in American work. That’s it. No one was questioning their blackness. Or dismissing visiting Detroit as not black enough…it’s a wholly bizarre tangent that just seemed to open this latent and troubling undercurrent of anti-African sentiment I’ve been noticing lately. It’s not a zero-sum argument. Why don’t American artists include Africa in their World tours? Simple…include. Not make the central jump-off point, not instead of black American towns. The question is if you’re going to go all the way to Tokyo why can’t you stop by in Accra? How that got turned into this dude snatching people’s black cards is a mystery.

Again I implore you to take one last look at the page the article is hosted on. He isn’t calling out Gucci Mane, he isn’t wondering where Lil Wayne at or begging A$ap rocky to come by. Are they not black? But they’re not joining in this very visible trend. He’s talking about a specific phenomenon of clear African art. And sound injected into peoples output. It messed up that then that’s dismissed as not African and therefore he’s calling into question people’s blackness. He didn’t even dare question that uses, he expressed his pride in it! He loves it! Just asked, hey if you like the afrobeat sound. And you like wearing Kente cloth and gels can you maybe swing by? And somehow that interpreted Unapologetically black.

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