On the road to fast-paced passions, racers not only have to train themselves.  But also have to equip the best for their warfare. Ensuring they are in the best condition before entering the road. racing. Then, the path to the podium podium of glory will not be difficult and distant. Formula One is the highest car racing award. Originating in street racing in France from the early 20th century, until 1950, the race officially recorded at Silverstone. The name “Formula 1” represents the range of technical requirements that teams and racers must adhere to. From start to now, these elements have been constantly changing to match the development of technology. As well as increasing the appeal of the race. If F1 is most famous in the open car segment. MotoGP (Grands Prix) best known in the world motorcycle village.

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The speed at MotoGP is no less than the F1 race. Son with arthritis ibuproffen chapter shirt. But the appeal is even more impressive, as each time the hugging of the ground. The wind speeds up the racers that draw more “adventure” than many. With F1. MotoGP comes from the motor racing held on the Isle of Man between England and Ireland. After the Second World War, the International Federation of Motor Racing (FIM) organized the predecessor GP race today. MotoGP includes 3 categories: Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP. Moto3 originally intended for 125 cc cars, now upgraded to a 4-cylinder 250 cc engine. With a maximum fuel capacity of 65 kg. The previous Moto2 for 250 cubic centimeters, now raised to 4 and 600 cubic centimeters. MotoGP is the largest of the three, with 18 GPs worldwide each year.

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