On Saturday, the Wolverines added No. 14 Penn State to the list with a 42-7 win at Big House. It was a victory that proved that Michigan was Big Ten’s classroom while continuing to clear a path towards the College Football Playoff. Nothing about what Michigan does about the offense is flashy. The Wolverines just pulverize you on a play-by-play basis with running games and shooting through the air with Shea Patterson when the timing is right. With Karan Higdon leading the way with his eighth straight vertical eighth attempt, Michigan ran for 259 yards. Patterson, while chipping in 42 yards and a score on the ground, was an 11-of-17 efficiency for 144 yards and two points over the air. Defense efforts are even more impressive.

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Although Trace McSorley is clearly stupid for Penn State. Revenge tour 2018 shirt.  It’s hard to say that it will make a difference when the senior midfielder is playing at 100%. Penn State has no chance against Michigan’s top defenders. PSU scored a total of 28 yards in the first four times as Brazil’s offensive spells made a 14-0 lead. And when the Nittany Lions was finally able to move the ball at the end of the first half, McSorley overthrew a DeAndre Thompkins open on what could have been a touchdown. McSorley was fired in the next play, forcing a ball player.

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