I have always thought of samurai as stoic warriors, ready to draw suicide to show their loyalty to the master. And to lay down those who dared to show disrespect. At least that’s what I envision through films like “Last Samurai” and “13 Favorite Guests”. The samurai knew as the legendary swordsmen of Japan in martial arts films. Samurai plays a very important role in the history of Japan 1,500 years. Many consider the history of Japan to the history of samurai warriors. Samurai is responsible for many roles in Japan. However, the knew in the role of a warrior. The process of training a samurai warrior depends on the wealth of his family.

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In low-level families, boys go to school in the village Photographer Samurai shirt. And they trained to become a samurai from their father, brother, or uncles. Martial arts training is considered very important. And usually begins when the child is five years old. The sons of wealthy families sent to special academies. To gain knowledge of literature, art, and combat skills. We are so familiar with the samurai image that a master uses the katana sword with deadly skills. However, the samurai appeared in the first few centuries, also known as warrior equestrian archery. Archery while riding is a complex skill, and mastering it requires years of practice on both fixed and mobile goals. For a time, the dog used as a moving target for training, until the shogun abolished this brutal practice.

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