NASA first image of a black hole 2019 shirt


Michael Schüffler Yeah, that’s what I heard too. The interstellar space between earth and our own black hole is full of hot gases. There were 40 women on the project. She has specifically said it was a a group effort. I’m not trying to downplay her role, but she said herself that she did NOT want a lone-wolf” narrative. Yeah, sure, let us ignore the wishes of everyone involved and the 200 people team and just mindlessly focus on one out of a dozen key innovators against that persons wishes even, just because she fits an agenda. Good job on that one. The light used to create this image departed from the area around the black hole 55 million years ago.

It’s 55 million light years away. Who knows? It might not even be there now. But that will take another 55 million years for us to find out.  Jack Gill – True, except that black holes aren’t going anywhere. The only idea we have on how they can ‘die’ pretty much requires the heat death of the universe first.  Jack Gill that’s true if you happen to be traveling there.

That image took 2 years to capture. And if you want to know if it’s still there, it will take another 2 years to find out. But if you want to go there physically, you will need 55 million years to do that, traveling at the speed of light.


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