In contrast, the American people have good luck in the field of the holiday. Meowy Christmas shirt. Yes, after the Thanksgiving holiday on the last Thursday of November – plus Black Friday – is bustling Christmas atmosphere – the big stores are decorated with colorful lights. bright, brilliant; Both pine and pine are covered with hundreds of iridescent lines, “grow” right at the door; Angels laughing glistening, excited and of course “Santa Claus” red shirt, white beard. Again cavalier standing bell ring bell inviting. And of course countless wrapped packages were wrapped With red or glittering paper, he was tempted to “go over her,” seducing her little girls, inviting children regardless of their age or at least from the age of demise.

Christmas in the United States

Even a cheerful atmosphere has glowed from the morning mist, lasting until late into the night, causing people to forget the weather was cold and the night was short short day. Also strange, Christmas is theoretically the feast of the Christians, but in fact, Christmas has long been a celebration of the common, international, regardless of faith. This holiday lasts for at least two months, so it’s called the Christmas Season. The four weeks before the official holiday, the Christians call it Advent, the days of hope or direction and the expectation of the Savior. The atmosphere in the church has been stirring up with the songs that are expected. “Repentance repentance” typically as “high heaven to dew down and a thousand clouds rain the redeemer.
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