Hard Rock Cafe Hill Valley Shirt


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Look at this from the other end. We, the consumers, must take our share of the blame. We want everything as cheaply as possible. How many of you reading this shop for an item at the lowest possible price and don’t care where it is made. And before you start, I know this is the only way some families can afford life’s essentials. The industrial revolution we were exploited to the extreme were the outcome of death at work was commonplace. The common man was done for at the age of 30 with extreme health problems leading to an early death. The Hard Rock Cafe Hill Valley Shirt profiting from slavery again. Incidentally, the Chinese work ethic has been much admired by the Tories. After Brexit, when we cozy up to China, watch out. Never forget one of the big reasons for Brexit was to cut all those pesky workers rights that get in the way of profit.

Hard Rock Cafe Hill Valley Shirt

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