Unfortunately, our country has been responsible for much of the world’s problems. Give Me Your Tired Your Poor shirt,  Stealing resources from other nations, selling arms to dictators, overturning legitimately elected governments to help our corporations because that suits our national interest, using pollution causing industries because they are more profitable while destroying low-lying nations, using Christ’s name in vain by doing the opposite of all he said and did is hypocritical. A proud Canadian is so touched by your rant. I wish you the best as you pass your message along. May the people rise up and depose the President of your beautiful country before it’s too late. All Americans are immigrants from other countries. Just trace your DNA and will find out would be surprised. My family was from Germany.

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I have a genuine question, Give Me Your Tired Your Poor shirt and I before I ask, I want to say that I am not being sarcastic or trying to start an argument; I am really curious. I understand letting refugees into our country is a good thing, and that in itself would deter them from joining ISIS and other radical groups, but how can you be sure that they’re truly refugees and not “undercover” agents of a radical movement, such as ISIS? I’m not doubting that there are thousands of innocent refugees who need somewhere safe to go, but how would you properly vet them to make sure they’re safe? Our vetting process is messed up & needs to be revised, but I don’t think we should let people in just because they say they’re seeking refuge. Again, I’m genuinely curious about this and not looking to start a conversation bashing either side of the aisle. I’m looking for some ideas and discussion. Thank you.

Give Me Your Tired Your Poor shirt
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