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Women’s T-shirt

The link below is a list of scientific organizations that support the assertion that current climate change is driven by human activity, organizations not individuals. That means the list represents several thousand of scientists many of whom specialize in the Dvengers Dachshund version shirt of geology and atmospherics. That consensus has been reached after years of debate. Even 5 years ago scientific skepticism remained. That situation has changed the consensus now is truly overwhelming. If you think you know better than the scientific community. The basic, fundamental facts that climate change is occurring and its central cause are human-made emissions are no longer subject to meaningful scientific debate: climate change is real, it’s caused by human activities.

Dvengers Dachshund version shirt

Dvengers Dachshund version shirt

I hope Justin Barrett Brian Weekes Jim Callory etc also complain about pay taxes toward futile space exploration and any number of things that aren’t directly saving the planet. Andy Matthews the Dvengers Dachshund idiots here are those who believe climate change is man-made. Our Earth has had climatic changes all through history. But I guess THAT science doesn’t count. You don’t have the and the in the greenhouse affecting the weather you moron, your theory to Australia who has lost thousands of livestock and wildlife due to the extreme heat this summer. Ken Wayne, it is the rate of change that is important, not the change. But why do I bother? If you feel you have some scientific insight that has incredibly eluded our brightest climate scientists.

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Unisex Sweatshirt

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Dvengers Dachshund version shirt
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