I’m 22 and I was gonna say the same thing. my parents have a central vac system in their house. Build This Wall shirt. The problem with the central vac system. When there’s a clog in a giant house…. it’s so difficult to try and find it, They’re actually installed in a lot of animal hospitals to help with all the pet hair and stuff. I’ve worked at several clinics over the last 13yrs and I always thought they were pretty handy. This is NOT a new invention. A friend of mine has a house with this and it’s over 30 years old…. she does like it because it has a port in every room. And YES it’s worth it because she is disabled. She has trouble with dustpans and pushes vacuums spread too much of the air around and NO vacuum can catch ALL allergins.

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Build This Wall shirt

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All it shows is the guy putting on the face of it, how is connected, Build This Wall shirt. where does the junk go, do you have to empty it and how? So pointless hey let’s sweep the floor into one area then vacuum that one spot then gets down on your knees *back injuries loading * empty it then put it back. ? Pretty sure you can just vacuum it straight away in that first step! They used to have vacuum cleaners built into the walls back years ago. Only you could also put a hose and attachments on for different things. Like vacuuming the couch, etc. Uhhmmm…this isn’t anything “new” at all…it’s just a Central Vacuum System. They’ve been around for…decades. Good marketing though, I’m sure millennials are very impressed!

Build This Wall shirt
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