American AF hey snowflake you are not special shirt

Hey American AF hey snowflake you are not special shirt in the real world you don’t get a participantion trophy, not everybody is a winner, there are no “safe space”, screaming doesn’t make you right , no one owes you anything, crying doesn’t solve problems, nothing is free in this world, people are going to say things, [...]

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Real Shut up liver you’re fine rick and morty t-shirt from 1Stees

I go to 1Stees store and get a t-shirt. I think this is the best choice for me for 2018 St Patrick's day. A Irish green t-shirt, very cool shirt. I get one! And you? If you need this shirt and you are and morty fans, get your now: Real Shut up liver you're fine rick and [...]

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Official Just do it later Halloween shirt

I’ve been wearing short shorts almost all my life if i got a romper itd be no fuckin different on god. Michael Myers just do it shirt with the shorts? SHIT AND IF THEY HAD CARGO ROMPERS ID BE LIT AF!BOOOO AND IM THICC BOL these “bad bitches” thinkin they got some shit..just wait…Michael Myers coveralls + [...]

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