Leviosa Hermione Granger shirt

I'm 74 and I miss these books and these movies more than any other series ever. Leviosa Hermione Granger shirt. ....even LOTR's. I will forever be thankful that you took me to see the first movie & gifted me the books! I guess I never saw her being better a big deal as a woman, but more because she [...]

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I try to be good but I take after my Grandma shirt

Don’t worry, the USA is on the road to having this scenario play out all over again. Restricting access to birth control, trying to overturn Roe vs Wade. Something similar happened to my mother but it was not considered illegal at the time. When they took her my great I try to be good but I take [...]

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Nurse Llama is not got time for your drama shirt

Nurse Llama is not got time for your drama shirt. Someone said that's a llama okay and Someone say it's alpaca I'll just fry one and BBQ the other one either way supper will be served at 6:00. ( Just A joke ). Wow That's So Funny . Must Have Thought He Was A Llama With Two [...]

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Autism awareness sunflower shirt.

The first guy in this video isnt autistic.Autism awareness sunflower shirt.  Hes just blind. I cant believe they put that in there.I love this awesome young people awesome grownups!! I didn't know that this month is National Autisnm month. God bless you .hope you have a great retirement.I have a niece that’s Autistic and my best friends [...]

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Tick Tock Motherfucker shirt

except that the worst crap of the shift always happens in those last 15min!Tick Tock Motherfucker shirt !!Hahaha you are gonna be doing that even more soon, you coming to our office to waste time before you leave, when you get to the 10th rotation of the SLRS. me and daisy whenever a good song comes on in college. us [...]

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Adventure is out there but then again so are bugs shirt

What if the doll was delivered to the wrong house? Adventure is out there but then again so are bugs shirt.  That would be an awkward situation. Like what if the elderly lady next door accidentally receives it. Would she freak out or dress it better and make friends with it. Or just if goes to [...]

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What happens in vegas came from Pittsburgh t shirt

Oakley and washers also use a cup of water for washing and rinsing all together. that is why the cycles are getting longer and longer.and clothes look like What happens in vegas came from Pittsburgh t shirt. What happens in vegas came from Pittsburgh t shirt What happens in vegas came from Pittsburgh shirt [...]

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Star Trek make it sew shirt

How is DS9 not winning by a landslide? Garak, Dukat, Damar, Weyoun, Winn, the Female Changeling, Martok, Gowron, Joseph Sisko, Luther Sloan, and so many more. Star Trek was one of the Star Trek make it sew shirt fiction franchises that depicted Too simple. Discovery Season 1 depicted a dark period in humanity’s positive future. What happens when [...]

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Top 3 Deadpool shirts and hoodies

If you are Deadpool fans, there shirts must be your, all shirt are official design from 1Stees, myfrogtee. Love any shirt then click on the image to buy it. Top 1: Supreme Deadpool hoodie and t shirt Click here to buy this Supreme Deadpool hoodie and t shirt Sorry everyone.would not wear this Supreme Deadpool hoodie. [...]

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Groot hug teddy Autism hoodie

Popular tactic with the people in my Groot hug teddy Autism hoodie: Need to take a shit. Immediately. I’m a mom. Y’all aren’t fooling me, I sense that bullshit a mile away. he real question is which one to use. The browning buckmark, my Springfield a fellow vet laser engraved, my ruger blackhawk 357 mag or [...]

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